Ahct Vac – Extraoral Suction System


AHCT Extra Oral Suction is a vacuum device with 4-Layer Filtering (including HEPA14 and UV-C Lamp), engineered to eliminate the risk of infection between the dentist, assistant and the patient by absorbing the aerosol spray during Aerosol Forming Operations (A01).

It has a fully adjustable vacuum lever for suction from a large area and easy maneuverability.

Equipped with HEPA H14 anti-bacterial, carbon active filter with increased surface area to ensure high air flow.

Thanks to 2 UV-C lamps, each with a power of 13 W, the filtered air is let out after cleaning.

AHCT Extra Oral Suction has adjustable high vacuum power.

AHCT Extra Oral Suction is designed to function with lower noise than a blow dryer while providing high flow.



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