About Us

ATLAS-ENTA has been established in 1997 as a manufacturing joint-venture with ENTA Holland B.V. (The Netherlands) in order to manufacture porcelain and acrylic teeth.

During all these years besides giving importance to teeth manufacturing; Atlas-Enta continued to invest in R&D Department to add the manufacturing of different product groups in dental field.  With this aim we added some more product groups in our portfolio.

In 2008, we have established GSM Medikal Ltd. Co. which was formly named as Medex Dental (France) and moved the production of self-developing dental x-ray films from Italy to Tire Industrial Organized Zone in Izmir, Turkey.

In 2010, with the efforts of our R&D Department we have started to manufacture Dental Porcelain Powder and we have launched this product to the market in 2012 after getting impressive feedbacks from opinion leaders and different customers all over the world. Additionally, we have our own production on some clinical devices such as; Alginate & Amalgam Mixer, Disposable Coating Device.

Over the past years, we have seen many changes in how we produce the best, where we produce the best and when we produce the best. Therefore, currently we have added Glass Ceramic Blocks, Light Curing Baseplastes and Impression Materials to our portfolio as well.

All our trade is operated by our sister company, GÜLSA and they export our products all over world with its young, dynamic and well motivated team!

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